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Team Coordinator Training Video - March '24

All Coordinators
 – One person on each team will be responsible for ensuring that each family on their team has signed up and completed their volunteer requirements.  Requirements are 6 hours per player.  Shifts include snack shack, evaluation day, opening day, field prep, head coach, assistant coach, and team coordinator to name a few. They will report any family that has not completed their volunteer requirements to the Volunteering Director (Ben Swartley - [email protected]).

In addition to tracking volunteer shifts for their team, the Jrs/Majors/AAA TCs will be responsible for opening and/or closing the Snack Shack.  The home team TC for first game of the day opens the Snack Shack, and the home team TC for the last game of the day closes the Snack Shack.   There will be a brief meeting at the beginning of the season to outline opening and closing procedures.

Here is a general checklist that can be used for all TCs:

1. Pick up uniforms from the League Equipment Director if requested by Team Manager.  Uniform provided by league: Team Jersey, hat, socks & belt. Note: Uniforms were ordered before all children had registered and it's likely that there will be conflicts over sizing. Please try to make the uniforms work for the team - ordering new uniforms would be a difficult and lengthy process.
2. Let parents know what gear they need to provide their children: helmet, approved bats, pants (color selected by Team Manager), cup (if in AA or above), glove, cleats (non-metal).
3. Have last names printed on the back of the shirt, first names on the back of the hat. LGLL will cover the cost this year - we are asking that TCs drop off shirts in a bag at Emily's home identifying name/number/size.
4. Adhere Little League patches to the left sleeve of each Team Jersey (stitched or adhesive).
5. Encourage team to use Game Changer to manage practice and game schedules.
6. Encourage parents to sign up for volunteer opportunities via SignUpGenius.
7. Ensure that each family on their team has signed up and completed their volunteer requirements of 6 hrs per child using the following template
8.In lieu of the snack shack meeting, we have posted several training videos on the Snack Shack Tutorial page. Please review.
9. Ask parents to order snack shack cards for their children. We have updated a FAQ around snack shack cards below.
10. Collects funds for and coordinates end-of-season party and coach gifts.


Snack Shack Cards Q&A:

Beginning in 2023, Los Gatos Little League wentcashless at every snack shack location and stopped issuing paper snack shack cards due to safety concerns and fraud

Each location (Baggerly, Balzer, and in 2024 Fisher) has a Square terminal. Each square reader accepts gift cards and credit cards via tap, swipe, and chip. Each square reader is connected via wifi or ethernet at each location. The reader at Fisher is connected to a mi-fi device that should remain plugged in and on at all times.

Gift Cards
In 2023 500 cards were purchased to be loaded. We loaded just under 250 cards and have 250 remaining to be loaded. 

If someone already has a card, there is no need to issue a new one as the old one can be reloaded. People can bring their cards to any snack shack to be reloaded and funded with a credit card. 

How to load a gift card balance: 
On Square device click on “Gift Cards” from main screen in “Library”
Swipe or enter the gift card number
Add desired value
Review Sale
Customer will pay via credit card on device

Setting up a team with gift cards
In past seasons, team coordinators have helped their teams get set up with cards that can be used after a game. Kids love getting an Icee or hot dog after the game with their friends and it brings families together from the various fields into one central location. Additionally, snack shack serves as a fundraiser for the league to offset some costs. It’s encouraged to visit the snack shack vs. team snacks at end of games but completely up to the teams and team coordinators. 

If you’d like to set up cards for your team: 
Fill out this form so we can properly track
Pay the league via venmo account (@losgatosLL)
Once venmo transfer is confirmed we’ll load the cards, put them in a sealed envelope and coordinate with you for pick up. 
Gift Cards can be reloaded at the snack shack 
Do not throw the Gift Card away. Either give the card back to us or use it again next season. 

Q: Can I check my balance online?
A: Yes, visit

Q: When will the snack shack orientation meeting be held?
A: We are bypassing the snack shack meetings this year but instructions will be posted throughout the shacks. There will be no cash this year so the process should be easier.

Q: What is the recommended amount to load on a card?
A: It is really up to the TC to determine the amount to load on a card. A good starting range would be $3-5 per game per child, and note that the cards can always be re-loaded if you run out.

Did you know you may be able to turn your volunteer hours into dollars for LGLL - at no cost to you - if your employer offers a Volunteer Grant Program? Please click here to see if your company offers this benefit. Double The Donation

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