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Tie Break Rules

In order to determine Playoff seeds and break any ties, Los Gatos Little League has adopted the following tie-break rules. 

For any teams with the same record, we'll evaluate each of the following in sequential order. If a tie is broken among any teams with a particular tiebreaker, any additional ties will be broken by starting again with the first tiebreak rule.

1. Winning percentage
Highest total winning percentage in all league games. A tie is considered half a win and half a loss when computing winning percentage.

2. Head to Head Winning percentage
Highest winning percentage among all teams tied with the same winning percentage, as computed in #1.

3. Strength of wins + ties
Highest of the sum of the wins of each opponent that the team has beaten, plus half the sum of the wins of each opponent that the team has tied. If a team has beaten a particular team twice, their wins are counted twice.

4. Coin flip
Managers will meet with the division commissioner who will toss a coin. The manager with the team name that would come first sorted alphabetically is the one that calls "heads" or "tails" while coin is in the air. If more than two teams are still tied after #3, coin flips occur between all managers once and the manager with the highest number of "wins" will get the better seed. Coin flips continue until all ties are broken.

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