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Volunteer Overview

*Additional volunteer opportunities post-Spring Break will be released mid-March*

LGLL is an all-volunteer league and parent volunteers are essential to the success of our league. 

In addition to the Registration Fees, each family is responsible for SIX total hours of volunteer work during the league season per enrolled player.  You can sign up for an available position for Evaluation Day, Opening Day, Baggerly/Blossom Hill and/or Balzer.

One parent from each team will be the Team Coordinator (TC) to ensure that their team’s volunteer requirements are met. TCs will work with the League’s Concessions Director(s) to make sure that commitments are fulfilled and documented.  Parents will receive an email from their team’s TC regarding signups for Eval Day, Opening Day, and Snack Shack.  Parents who do not fulfill their volunteer commitment will be required to pay the buyout fee (see below).  Players whose parents do not fulfill their volunteer commitment or pay the buyout fee will not be allowed to register for LGLL next year. 

Volunteer Opportunities - Applicable hours listed in ()

  • Evaluation Day Volunteer  (2.5 hours) – working one shift during evaluations (January 20th)
  • Opening Day Volunteer  (2 hours) – working one shift during Opening Day (March 11th)
  • Snack Shack (2 hours) – On game days, we need adult volunteers to help staff the snack shack. This involves set-up, food prep, cashless purchase handling, and tear down depending on the shift. The snack shack is by far the most popular shift and is usually what all our kids remember during the season. It's also a main fundraiser for the league which carries significant importance.
  • Fields Prep & Maintenance (1 hour) – Assorted roles in preparing and maintaining LGLL fields pre and post games. Includes field prep, AA fence setup/takedown, trash pickup.
  • Scoreboard (2 hours) – Keep score on the scoreboard at Baggerly, Balzer and AA. First games sets up controller and chair, last game puts it away and turns off board. Switches in shed at Baggerly. Charge controller when done.
  • Scorekeeping (AA, AAA & Majors only) (1 per team-fulfills obligation if full time) in charge of keeping official score using GameChanger, home team is the official scorekeeper for all games. Must attend GameChanger training class.
  • Donut/Coffee Pickups (1 hour) – Pick up pre-paid donuts and coffee from Maple Leaf (by DMV) for 8:30am delivery.
  • Manager (ie: Head Coach) (fulfills obligation) – responsible for their players, parents & coaching staff. Leads practices & games and ensures good sportsmanship.
  • Assistant Coach (1 per team, fulfills obligation) – one official assistant coach per team. Other "assistants" will still need to fulfill 6 hours per player. 
  • Team Coordinator (TC)  (1 per team, fulfills obligation) – Supports the team in a number of activities throughout the season. See Team Coordinator Page for more info.
  • Division Commissioners (fulfills obligation) – Each division (TBall, A, AA, AAA, Majors, and Juniors) will have a commissioner assigned to help the season run smoothly. A division commissioner will partner with the league president and VP of operations to distribute information to managers, help determine practice and games schedules, be the main POC for managers, and help handle issues as they arise during the course of the season. This is a great way to get more involved with the League and help the board deliver a world class experience for our kids. 
  • Umpire (1 game = 2 hours) - From AA up to Majors, we rely on volunteer adult umpires to help our season run smoothly. You'll receive training and be paired with an experienced umpire. This is also a great way to develop empathy for our adult kid umpires who are out here for the love of the game and to support the league. 
  • Board Member (fulfills obligation) - Various roles in support of the little league which extend throughout the year. If interested in learning more about roles, please email [email protected].

Board Volunteer Coordinators will ensure that team families meet one or more of these obligations and communicate with Team Coordinators to ensure all families have contributed their time by the end of the season.

Volunteer Commitment Buy-Out

We realize that not all families are able to meet the above volunteer commitments.  Therefore, during on-line registration, you may elect to “buy-out” this obligation with a $750 per player donation to the League.  As mentioned above, parents who do not fulfill their volunteer commitment will be required to pay the appropriate Volunteer Commitment Buy-Out(s) or their child (ren) may not be allowed to register for LGLL next year.


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