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Snack Shack Tutorials

Baggerly (Majors) Snack Shack:

Opening and unlocking the snack shack
Closing procedures
Locking the snack shack
Icee Machine Operation

1. Open the key box on the snack shack window
2. After obtaining the key walk to the door on your right and unlock the padlock.
3. Take the padlock off the door and push down on the top to close the lock to take the key out of the padlock.
4. Pull the bar across the door to unlock the door.
5. Open the door and immediately put padlock in the basket in the corner near the window roller.
6. Take the same key and unlock the roller. Immediately but the padlock and key in the basket. This is so whoever closes knows exactly where to find it when closing at the end of the day.
7. The roller can be hard to push up you may need to have someone help you push it to the top.
8. Look to your right. There is the hot dog roller. Plug that in and turn it on. Read the directions on how it works. Grab 8-10 hot dogs and get them going. Grab the buns and all the condiments, plates, and napkins.
9. The card reader is to the left of the window. Please make yourself familiar with this. No VENMO or PAYPAL.
10. Make sure all the candy, chips, and drinks are stocked and ready to go. Please continue to stock as it runs low during your shift.
11. Plug in the microwave and cookie oven. Please follow the directions on how to bake cookies. Cookies are in the freezer in the back. Please put on parchment paper and note there are tools around the kitchen area to help. When finished baking put 2 cookies per bag. The bags are on the side of the cookie oven.

1. Dispose of or give away any left hot food. This can be extra cookies, hot dogs, etc. DO NOT LEAVE ANY PERISHABLE FOOD OUT.
2. Unplug Hot Dog Roller and wipe down and clean.
3. Soak utensils in soap, wash, dry and put away.
4. Unplug food warmers (cookies oven, microwave) and wipe out
5. Unplug oven and remove bottom tray & clean.
6. Remove food from counters & store accordingly.
7. Wipe counter tops down with Clorox bleach wipes.
8. Make sure all drinks and candy, chips, etc. is restocked for the next day.
11. Ensure all limited supply items are annotated on the whiteboard
12. Empty Keurig machine and clean
13. Sweep floors.
14. Empty trash and replace with new bag. Put trash outside in garbage cans.
15. Pull down roller and grab any one of the padlocks. Unlock the padlock with the key, once the roller is closed, insert the padlocks through the double hole and close. Remove the key and put back in the basket till finished.
16. Turn off back light.
17. Take a final look. We want to leave our Snack Shacks in good condition. Once you feel like everything is good to go it’s time to lock up.
18. Things to remember, did you close and lock the roller, is all the food put away and everything restocked, and everything wiped down? If YES you can lock up.
19. Grab the last padlock and key. Close the door lock the top lock. Bring the bar across the door. Open the padlock with the same key. Insert the padlock through both holes on the bar. Once locked pull the key out and immediately put in the lock box. Close the window bars and you are golden!

Thank you for volunteering. In order to keep this operation up and running it is imperative to follow these steps for the vast amount of volunteers coming in and out of the Snack Shack this year. If you have any questions or concerns please fill free to contact Georgia
Howard 408-655-9790

Balzer (AAA) Snack Shack:

1. You will find the key in the lockbox on the dugout near the 3rd base with Los Gatos Little League painted on the side.
2. Take the key and unlock both top and bottom locks on the door.
3. Turn on the light in both rooms. Put the keys in the drawer to the left of the roll up window.
4. Plug in & turn on Hot Dog Grill at 350. Place 6-8 hot dogs on rollers till done then put in a bun and wrap in tin foil in the top drawer. Make sure and have all condiments ready (Ketchup and mustard.)
5. Turn on the cookie machine and make sure there is cookie dough and use the parchment paper sleeves to put the cookies in.
6. Make sure all the candy, snacks, and beverages are all stacked and ready to go.
7. Check to make sure all garbage bins have bags in them.
8. Please take the time to sanitize any countertops, handles or front of the refrigerator if you deem necessary. There are wipes in the back room on the shelves. We are trying to stay on top of keeping the snack shacks clean.
9. Open the window when ready. You will find the key to open the lock in the drawer to the left of the window. It is a single key with Oakland A’s on it. Put the lock and key back in the drawer so as not to misplace it.
10. If not out already please grab the chocolate bars out of the white refrigerator and put in a bin to sell.
11. Double check that the card reader has been plugged in. Review the snacks, drinks and chips tab so you know where everything is. We do not take cash.
12. Please make note of anything we run out of and email Georgia Howard at [email protected].

1. Dispose of any left hot food. Give it away or throw it away.
2. Unplug Hot Dog Roller and wipe down with degreaser spray or light soapy clean cloth.
3. Soak utensils in soap/water mixture. Wash anything else that was used and dry and put away.
4. Unplug food warmers (hot dog, air fryer, cookie oven, etc.) and wipe out with disinfectant spray or wipes.
5. Unplug the oven and remove the bottom tray & clean.
6. Remove food from counters & store accordingly.
7. Please put all the chocolate back in the refrigerator.
8. Wipe counter tops down with Clorox bleach wipes and sweep the floor.
9. Restock cold beverages & ice cream in front fridges and back fridges
10. If you notice an item is out of stock please add it to the list of things to be purchased.
11. Make sure to get rid of all trash and put new bags in the garbage bags.
12. Roll the window back down, put the lock on and the key back in the drawer.
13. When finished please turn off the lights and lock the top and bottom locks on the outside door and place the key back in the lock box.

Thank you for volunteering with the LGLL Snack Shacks. We appreciate your time and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for doing your part in maintaining the cleanliness and care of our facilities. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Also we are trying to minimize the kids helping behind the counter as well. Thank you again.

Fisher (Jr/Int) Snack Shack:

Opening/Unlocking/Locking Instructions
Opening Checklist
Card Reader Instructions

Card Reader Instructions:
-Every item is loaded into the card reader already. 
You can do a quick search for the item, the amount will already be listed. 
Enter all items in the order by tapping on the item name. 
Items will be added to the cart that can be reviewed by tapping the blue “review sale” button
You can edit or delete items by clicking on the “review sale” button
Tap the item to add, subtract, or delete items
To clear an entire order click on the “...” at top right and select Clear Items
To complete order, tap “Charge $X.XX”
You may need to confirm the amount on the next screen
Tap Confirm and Pay and show the reader to the customer. 
Customer can Tap, Swipe, or Chip read credit card
Customer can swipe gift card
You will see a confirmation screen when the transaction clears.

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