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Background Check Information!

Did you know background checks are required  for all of these volunteer positions?

• Coaches • Practice Coaches
• Board Members • Umpires
• Misc. positions • Equipment manager
• Field maintenance • Scorekeeper
• Announcer • General volunteer
• Concession worker • Team parent

Los Gatos Little League and Little League International work together with JDP, Risk Mitigation Management company, to run through background checks online for all our volunteers.  A Volunteer in LGLL is any adult that comes into contact with a player on OR off the field.

All LGLL Volunteers will need to fill out this form every year and turn in BEFORE their first volunteer shift.


Volunteer Requirement

LGLL is an all-volunteer league.  Apart from the youth umpiring program and outside vendors, no one is paid for their efforts in making sure the League is successful.  Of course, parents are central to these efforts.

In addition to the Registration Fees, each family is responsible for:

Two (2) snack shack shifts
One (1) snack shack shift AND one (1) additional league "job" (see list below) 

One parent from each team will be the Team Coordinator (TC) to ensure that their team’s volunteer requirements are met. TCs will work with the League’s Concessions Director(s) to make sure that commitments are fulfilled and documented.  Parents will receive an email from their team’s TC regarding signups for Little League Day and Snack Shack.  Parents who do not fulfill their volunteer commitment will be required to pay the buyout fee (see below).  Players whose parents do not fulfill their volunteer commitment or pay the buyout fee will not be allowed to register for LGLL next year. 

Other Volunteer Obligations

In addition to the Snack Shack obligation described above, each family will be required to help in one or more of the following ways:


·         Evaluation Day Volunteer – working a half day shift during evaluations

·         Little League Day Volunteer - working a half day shift during Little League Day

·         Team Manager – obviously this is a big commitment so it counts

·         Coaching – up to one "official" coach per team

·         Team Volunteer Coordinator (TC) – one parent per team 

·         Scorekeeping (AA, AAA & Majors only) at Tournament level(not at regular games)– a fun but important job

·         Special Fields & Facilities Days – working a half day shift at one of the special field clean up days


TCs will ensure that team families meet one or more of these obligations. Not all of these commitments will require the same amount of time, so the League’s Concessions Director will be providing TCs with guidelines and templates as to how they can account for the contributions of each family.


Volunteer Commitment Buy-Out

We realize that not all families are able to meet the above volunteer commitments.  Therefore, during on-line registration, you may elect to “buy-out” this obligation with a $450per child contribution to the League.  As mentioned above, parents who do not fulfill their volunteer commitment will be required to pay the appropriate Volunteer Commitment Buy-Out(s) or their child (ren) may not be allowed to register for LGLL next year.

Volunteer Grant Matching

Did you know you may be able to turn your volunteer hours into dollars for LGLL - at no cost to you - if your employer offers a Volunteer Grant Program?

Please click here to see if your company offers this benefit.

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