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Is Little League Baseball just for boys? 
Absolutely not! There are female players in all levels of Los Gatos Little League (LGLL).

What is my child’s baseball “league age”?
Use this chart to determine your child’s “League Age.” The league age is used to determine eligibility to play in the different divisions (see levels of play below) 
Starting in 2019, all divisions of Little League Baseball utilize an age determination date of August 31/September 1 where a player’s “league age” is the actual age as of August 31 of the current year. This date helps us achieve the goal of making the Little League Baseball program younger and coincides with the student registration for schools which will allow Little Leaguers to play with their classmates. Finally, this date makes the Little League (Major) Baseball Division truly a 12 and under program.

What division can my child play in? 
Los Gatos Little League has several Levels of Play.

How much does it cost to play baseball?
Player registration fees account for a large portion of our income. See Registration page for fee information.

What baseball equipment will my child need? 
A uniform consists of a pair of baseball pants, a baseball belt, a jersey, a cap, and a pair of baseball socks. LGLL will issue a uniform jersey, cap, socks and belt to each child for use during league games. 

You will need to buy baseball pants (with belt loops). Your manager will provide more specifics on team colors. 

Rubber cleats are recommended for all athletes.

In AA catchers must wear a cup. In AAA & Majors & Juniors it is strongly recommended every player wear a cup.  

A fielding glove is mandatory.   A soft flexible glove is vital for kids to learn as a stiff baseball glove is difficult to open and close, consult with your local sporting goods store.  

Please consult with your coach in regard to the choice of which USABat standard baseball bat size you should get before purchase. Select one that is light and can be swung quickly through the strike zone. There is no advantage to a heavy bat at all if you can’t catch up to the pitched ball!

Little League has set new rules in regards to bats for the Spring 2018 season, please see the following bulletin this

You may wish to consider setting aside funds for:
Equipment bag (bat bag)
Name on back of jersey ($7-$8)
Snack shack cards ($20.00)
End of season party ($20.00)

Where are games played? 
T-Ball games are played at Blossom Hill Elementary near the Kindergarten classrooms on the south west section of the grass field.
Single A games are played on the baseball diamond at Blossom Hill Elementary closest to Blossom Hill Road (BHA)
AA Games are played on the baseball diamond at Blossom Hill Elementary adjacent to the A field (BHAA)
AAA Games are played at Balzer Field, located in the Phil Knopf Sports Complex at 57 Miles Ave. in downtown Los Gatos.
Majors Games are played at Baggerly Field, located in Blossom Hill Park 

When are the games played?
Schedules vary, but most teams play at least two games a week. One during the week and one on the weekend. Games on Saturday typically start at 9:00 am., 12 noon, or 3:00 pm and at 5:00 pm or 5:30 pm for weekday games. Challenger Division plays on Sundays.   Players are usually requested to arrive at the field one hour prior to game time.

Are there time limits on games? 

Tee Ball – 75 minute games. 

Minor “A” – 90 minute games. 

Minor “AA” – 100 minute games.

Minor “AAA” – 6 inning games. 1st and 2nd scheduled games on Sat. are limited to 2 hours

Majors – 6 inning games. There are no time limits except darkness.

Juniors – 7 inning games. There are no time limits except darkness.
Challenger - approx. 60-75 minute games

How often and where will my child practice?  
Practice schedules are determined by the League Commissioners, with the approval of the Board of Directors, and shall be limited as follows:

 Tee Ball -Practice sessions usually last 60 minute sessions and begin end of Feb/early March

Minor A/AA/AAA-Practice sessions are usually 90 ~ 120 minutes per sessions. Any combination of practice sessions and games are typically limited to a max of three (3) per week (i.e., 2 games and 1 practice, 1 game and 2 practices, etc.).  

Majors/Juniors/Seniors-Practice sessions are usually 90 ~ 120 minutes per sessions. Any combination of games and practices typically limited to a max. four (4) per week (i.e., 3 games and 1 practice, 2 games and 2 practices).

Special Practices-Managers may schedule additional practices (i.e., batting cages, pitching practices, etc.). 

Challenger Practices - Manager will advise the schedule as teams are formed.

LGLL utilizes school district fields for practices. You will know which field you practice on once your child is placed on a team and your team manager contacts you.

When will practices begin?  
Depending on weather and team assignments, practices typically begin: 

Tee Ball – End of February/Early March

Minor “A” – End of February/Early March

Minor “AA” – Mid February

Minor “AAA” – Early February

Majors – End of January

Juniors – Mid February
Challenger - Early March (TBD)

When will I find out what team my child will play on?
All teams should be formed by the end of February. Your child's manager should notify you of the first team meeting shortly after the draft. Assignments are scheduled to be announced as followed: 

Majors – 3rd week of January

Minor “AAA” – end of January

Minor “AA” – first week of February

Juniors – first week of February

Minor “A” – mid February

Tball – mid February

We attempt to limit roster size to 12 players. This depends on the number of players in each division and the number of qualified managers available. 


When is Opening Day?
Opening Day will be in March (See Calendar for exact date & time) at Baggerly Field in Blossom Hill Park. Opening Day ceremonies start at 8 am and end around 9 am. The first game for each division starts at 10 am on this day (not all teams have a game on Opening Day). 

What is an Opening Day Ceremony?
Opening Day is a celebration of our players, volunteers, and our new spring season.  We celebrate our new season with coffee and donuts, the “Parade of Players”, the accomplishments of our league, and players from the previous season with our “All-Star” introduction. A local VIP is selected to throw out the first pitch.  Rain or Shine, the show must go on!


Are there team pictures?
Yes, your registration fee includes pictures, and additional photos may be purchased. Picture Day is usually on OPENING DAY and each player must bring a completed form.  Additional pictures may be purchased on Photo Day, more information will come from your team manager/coordinator.

How long will the season last?
Each division has its own length as indicated below.  If there are rained out games, we try to schedule Fridays and Sundays for makeup games. 

Tee Ball – End of February/Early March through end of May

Minor “A” – End of February/Early March through end of May

Minor “AA” – Mid February through early June

Minor “AAA” – Early February through early June

Majors – End of January through end of May

Juniors – Mid February through mid-May

Challenger – Early March through mid-June

Can my child be placed on a team with one of his/her friends?
In the Challenger, Tee Ball, and Minor “A” division we will make every effort to try and honor your request (indicated from your online player registration).  

In the AA, AAA, Majors and Juniors division all players are drafted by managers to their respective team. While your child may not initially have friends on the team they are drafted to, many children make new friends with their teammates during the months long season.

I have two (or more) children of similar age, can they be on the same team?
Although not required, it is a LGLL practice to honor requests of parents that brothers and sisters be assigned to the same team. Such requests must be directed by email to prior to the draft

Who is responsible for staffing the Snack Shacks?  
Every family will be responsible for working two shifts at our snack shacks during the season. You will have the option to “buy-out” your time at the beginning of the season for $475

The snack shack is overseen by a shift supervisor. No Children are allowed in the snack shack during the family’s shift.  

If my child is unhappy with the team he/she has been placed on, can he/she switch teams?
Only in extreme cases do we allow children to switch teams after the teams have been formed.  Such requests must be made via an email to Parents must submit in writing the reason(s) they do not want their child to play for a certain manager/coach. All players who are affected will be handled on an individual basis and all requests will be kept confidential.

If my child decides to quit can I get a refund?
If a player quits the league prior to being placed on a team a partial refund is given.  If the player quits after the team is formed, no refund is given.

What is a player freeze? 
In the Little League player draft system used by LGLL, the managers children are frozen and cannot be drafted by another manager.

When are player evaluations? All player candidates for AA, AAA, Majors and Juniors must attend the scheduled Evaluation Day to be drafted onto a team. The purpose of the draft system is to balance talent across the teams.  Evaluations(grouped by age) typically last about 1.15 hours. Tryouts give the managers an opportunity to assess player skills prior to the draft. 

Information about Evaluation Day

Challenger, Tee Ball and Minor “A” division players do not have evaluations.  They are assigned to a team by the league.

If my child misses Evaluation Day will he/she be cut?
It is a requirement of eligibility for all player candidates to attend at least 50 percent of all tryout sessions so that managers of Major Division teams can properly assess the ability of each player and give each player a proper grade based on ability. If a candidate cannot attend 50 percent of the tryouts, and provides and excuse which is acceptable to the board of directors, the candidate may be drafted/placed on a team.

If my child is not as good as the other kids, will he/she have a chance to play?
Every child on every team will play a minimum number of innings each game. Little League rules and LGLL local rules strictly enforce minimum playing time.
Tee Ball – 75 minute games. Everyone bats each inning, everyone plays each inning

Minor “A” – 120 min. 6 inning games. Everyone bats each inning, everyone plays defense each inning. At least 1 inning playing infield

Minor “AA” – 120 min. 6 inning games. Continuous batting order, 4 innings on defense, at least 1 of those innings playing infield

Minor “AAA” – 6 inning games. Continuous batting order, 4 innings on defense, at least 1 of those innings playing infield

Majors – 6 inning games. 1 plate appearance, 9 outs on defense minimum

Juniors – 7 inning games. 1 plate appearance, 3 innings on defense minimum

Challenger - Everyone bats each inning, everyone plays each inning

How many managers/coaches can a team have?
Majors may have 1 manager and 2 coaches on the field

AAA may have 1 manager and 2 coaches on the field.
AA may have 1 Manager and 2 coaches on the field.
A may have 1 manager and 2 coaches on the field.
Tee Ball may have 1 manager and unlimited coaches on the field.
Unlimited approved assistant coaches during practice are permitted.

All managers, coaches, assistant coaches must be on the approved volunteer list before taking the practice or game field with the players. At least One (1) adult must be in the dugout at all times during games.

How are managers and coaches selected and trained?
LGLL selects mangers and coaches that have a sincere interest in kids and a respect for the game of baseball. All regular and active volunteers  must complete a volunteer application, pass a nationwide background screening check every year. Managers are interviewed by members of the Board of Directors, who then make the determination for who will manage the teams.

Managers and coaches are offered training by the league including skills, drills, and how to run a practice. Managers and coaches must attend the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) training, and attend refresher/update training in baseball skills every year.

Are there any Local & Ground Rules?
Official little league rules are used and can be found here. In addition, LGLL has adopted local rules that can be found here.

Who umpires games?
Los Gatos Little League depends on adult volunteer and youth umpires to officiate baseball games. More information about umpires can be found here.

I don’t agree with the calls that the 12 year old umpire is making during my child’s game, who do I report him to?
The umpires are human and will make mistakes. Little league is a recreational league with an emphasis on sportsmanship and positive behavior. If glaring inconsistencies occur in an umpires calls, a brief private conversation with your teams manager is (somewhat) acceptable.

Parents are encouraged to set the example for the players and refrain from making any disparaging remarks about the umpire or calls being made. In addition, if an individual (player, coach, manager, spectator, etc.) becomes disruptive during a game the umpire has the authority to suspend play until that individual leaves the premise.

Who do I contact if I have a problem that needs to be resolved?

What should I do if I need to report a disciplinary issue?
We take disciplinary issues serious and investigate all items that are brought to our attention. Please send an email to to report any issue.

Many times parents wait until the end of the season to voice concerns about an individual’s behavior (coach, manager, player, parent, spectator, etc.). It is highly encouraged that any issue be reported to the league as soon as possible so that action can be taken immediately and prevent further issues through the season.

Anonymous reports can be filed if there is concern with including your name with the incident. Keep in mind, the board can take no action except to monitor behavior from anonymous reports.

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