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LGLL Protocols 2021

Updated March 2021
Santa Clara County has announced the County’s Mandatory Directive for Youth and Adult Recreational Athletic Activities will no longer be in effect. Activities, including baseball, are subject to the State’s Guidance on Outdoor and Indoor Youth and Recreational Adult Sports and the County’s updated Mandatory Directive for Gatherings when the county moves to "Red".

Los Gatos Little League has opened practices and will be considering games beginning in the month of April, in partnership with the Town of Los Gatos and LGUSD. In order for us to safely return to play we will be strictly adhering to the state's guidance linked above. Additionally, Los Gatos Little League will be enforcing the following:

Protocols for Establishing a Safe Environment

·      The League Safety Officer will be the point of contact for the implementation and enforcement of these protocols.

·      In the event of an outbreak of the virus, the League Safety Officer will coordinate with local health officials any pertinent information regarding any team’s activity. The local League Safety Officer will notify the District Safety Officer of any outbreak.

·      The League Safety Officer will instruct all managers and coaches on the proper protocols of the league before any practice can be conducted.

·      The League Safety Officer in conjunction with the appropriate player agents will compile a list for each team in the league. A list of the team members and coaches will include when the appropriate forms have been submitted to the league. Only players/coaches with current paperwork provided may participate in practices or games. 

·      The League Safety Officer will compile a master list of all players, including parent or guardian, managers and coaches that are participating in the league. The list will contain contact information for each person.

·      The League Safety Officer will contact players, including parent and guardian, managers, and coaches of any changes to this set of protocols.

·      Routine safety meetings will be conducted by the League Safety Officer. In an effort to keep social distancing it is recommended that these meetings take place online.

·      A written acknowledgement of these protocols will be required by each manager and coach in the league and returned to the safety officer. 

·      Managers are required to keep a log of which players are in attendance for any given practice.

·      A copy of these protocols will be given to every member of the league (and posted on our website, ( prior to participation. It will also require a signed waiver acknowledging the associated risks as well as a form acknowledgement of these protocols. The signed waiver and acknowledgement form will be returned to the League Safety Officer.

·      All practice sites will be assigned by the league. Only teams listed at a particular site may use that site. If more than one field is used at a site, practice times will be staggered by at least 10 minutes to lessen the social contact between teams.

·      All participants must be free from any symptoms that would cause them from participating in the practice (i.e. fever, sore throat, cough, sneezing, body aches, loss of smell, difficulty breathing or fatigue).

·      Only assigned regular season teams may practice as a group. No more than 12 players and 3 coaches are permitted at the practice site. The players and coaches may not change from practice to practice.

·      Coaches that are associated with more than one regular season team must choose one team and work only with that team throughout the term of this order.

·      All coaches will be required to wear masks.

·      Participants are encouraged to wear masks whenever possible. Participants are required to wear masks when not directly participating in an activity.

·      Practices and/or games will be scheduled with a minimum of 10 minutes between sessions.

·      Spectators are limited to immediate family members and must be masked and 6ft apart from any other household.

·      Carpooling is not allowed unless members of the same household living together.

·      All players must be transported to the practice site. No walking or bicycling.

·      One coach will be available at the practice site 15 minutes before and after scheduled practices. In the event that a child has not been picked up within the allotted time frame the parent will be immediately called.

·      Upon arrival players and coaches should go directly to field and maintain social distancing.

·      Gates to the facility should be in an open position to allow touch-less use. Gates should be wiped down before and after every practice as a precaution.

·      Players and coaches will use sanitizer before entering field and immediately after the practice is over. One container of sanitizer should be available for each team.

·      No socializing before, during or after practices and/or games.

·      Minimize close contact: no handshakes, fist and elbow bumps, or hugging. It is recommended to keep a six-foot distance between participants except as strictly necessary to carry out a task associated with the practice.

·      No dugouts will be used.

·      Players equipment should be placed six feet apart down foul lines in the outfield or outside of fence line.

·      As an alternative, player may place belongings in stands provided they can maintain 6 feet apart.

·      Practices shall last no longer than 120 minutes.

·      Signs will be posted at the facility to remind everyone about social distancing.

·      If there are more than 1 field at a facility used for practice, the two fields should have staggered start times.

·      Sites with more than 1 field in use should have entrances to the fields as far away from each other as possible.

·      Players will have their own personal equipment. (gloves, helmets, bats, batting gloves) No baseballs shall be brought by a player to any practice.

·      Catchers may not be used unless they have their own equipment. Adults may assume the position of catcher in infield and outfield drills. They must maintain 6 feet distancing from the person putting the ball in play. If no players have catcher’s equipment adult coaches may also catch bullpen sessions.

·      Teams should have their own set of bases. No bases will be shared between teams.

·      Use of equipment to maintain the fields condition should be properly sanitized after each use. It is encouraged that teams bring their own rakes and other tools.

·      Each player shall have their own single serve water or water bottle. No sharing is allowed.

·      Drinking fountains if available will be off limits.

·      All snack bars will remain closed.

·      Restrooms can remain open provided they are cleaned frequently and follow protocols established by the CDC and health experts. When possible discourage their use.

·      Trash cans on the premise should have lids removed to allow touch-less use.

·      Each team will have their own baseballs/softballs. No baseballs/softballs from other groups should be used.

·      Baseballs should be sanitized after each practice in accordance with the CDC guidelines. A list of approved disinfectants can be found at

·      If multiple fields are in use, balls from one field hit onto another should not be handled. A coach from the team that has “lost the ball” may retrieve it if social distancing is possible.

·      If batting cages are used only one player and one coach may be in the cage at the same time. One batter and one pitcher. One adult should open the cage for entrance and exit of players. This will allow only one person to contact the surface of the gate. The entrance gate should be sanitized before and after use. Players waiting a turn in the cage must always be spaced six feet apart.

·      Contact the local health district about suspected cases or exposure. Contact the League Safety Officer about suspected cases or exposure.

·      Immediately isolate and seek medical care for any individual who develops symptoms.

·      Leagues must maintain a complete list of coaches, players, and employees present at each event to include: the date, beginning and ending time of the event, plus name, address, and phone contact to be made available upon request from local health district.

Any suggestions or questions regarding these plans please contact our League Safety Officer, Elliot Carlisle.

LGLL Board of Directors

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