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Wiffle Ball Tournament

1st Annual Wiffle Ball Tournament!
Baggerly & Blossom Hill School Fields

will be rescheduled due to the COVID 19


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Wiffle Ball Rules

LGWBA Official Rules

We will have 4 player teams. A pitcher and 3 fielders. As in baseball, the game is played with one team at bat and one team in the field. The rules of play are similar to baseball, however there is no base running. Three outs to retire a side, per inning, 3 innings per game. In case of a tie, additional innings are played. For a complete inning, both sides must bat.

An out for the batter can be made in three ways:

1.The batter can strike out only if he/she swings at a pitched ball and does not foul tip the third strike. Foul tips count as a strike for the first two strikes only.

2. Fly balls/line drives caught in fair or foul territory.

3. A pitched ball travels through the hole in the Strike Zone causing an automatic out for the batter in such an occurrence. Even if the pitch is swung at our fouled into the hole.


Single markers are placed approximately 30 feet from home plate on the foul line. A ball hit in the single area (single markers and not caught) constitutes a single. Also, if a batted ground ball is fielded or stops rolling before the singles area line the batter is out. If a batted ground ball in the singles are fielded cleanly by the fielder the batter is out, other wise it’s a single. Double markers are placed approximately 35 feet in back of the single markers on the foul line. A ball hit in the double area (between the single marker and the double marker) and not caught constitutes a double. Triple markers are placed in the back corners of the field. Balls hit in the triple area and not caught, constitute a triple. Balls hit past the double/triple markers, and not caught, constitute a home run.

The baseball rules of scoring apply:

Example: A player hits a single – his/her team has a man on first base (imaginary runners). The next player hits a single – the team now has a man of first and second. Third batter hits a home run – three runs score! (The imaginary runners on first and second, plus the home run.)

  • A batter earns 1 imaginary base on a single, 2 imaginary bases on a double and 3 imaginary bases on a triple.
  • A runner on 1st advances one base on a single, 2 bases on a double and scores on a triple
  • A runner on 2nd base scores on a double, triple or homerun. A runner must be forced in to score a run.
  • A runner on 3rd base scores on any hit.
  • 5 runs inning limit except for the last inning.
  • Bunting is not allowed.
  • All defensive players must play behind the pitcher.
  • If a batter walks, a runner shall be awarded first base but the same batter hits again, if he walks again next batter up.
  • A runner will be awarded first base if a batter is HBP twice in 1 AB. But batter remains up for a new AB after but only for that one more AB.
  • New pitcher every inning. No relief pitcher during an inning.
  • Defensive players are able to cross the Home Run line to catch a batted ball.
  • On deck batters much be ready to throw the ball back to the pitcher after a pitch.

Field Dimensions:

1.    Strike Zone to mound is 38 feet.

2.    Strike Zone to Middle of HR Line is 65 feet.

3.    Width of HR line is 50 feet. Then foul lines taper in to the strike zone/batters box from there.

4.    Singles Zone starts at 30 feet from Strike Zone and is 15 feed deep.

5.    Doubles Zone is from end of single line to HR Line. 20 feet.

6.    Triples Zones are half circle cut outs on the back corners of the field approx.. 10 square feet.

7.    Batted balls hit approx.. 10 feet in front of the batter are foul balls.

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